Alura In-Ze
Real Name Alura In-Ze
Gender Female
Movie Supergirl
Portrayed by Mia Farrow
Status Alive

Alura In-Ze is the wife of Zor-El and mother of Supergirl.



Alura In-Ze was born on the planet Krypton and eventually took up residence in Argo City. She married fellow scientist Zor-El and they had a child together, naming her Kara. When Krypton was headed toward it's inevitable destruction, Zor-El used his Omegahedron device to save Argo City in a pocket of trans-dimensional space. Alura was among the few Kryptonians who survived when Krypton exploded, along with Zor-El and their daughter, who lived in the settlement, which was now powered and sustained by the Omegahedron.

Both she and her husband were visibly distressed when their daughter went to Earth retrieve the Omegahedron, which had accidentally fallen to earth after Kara had been shown it by the official Zaltar.

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