Brad Wilson
Brad Wilson
Real Name Brad Wilson
Gender Male
Movie Superman
Superman III
Portrayed by Gavan O'Herlihy
Brad Flock (teenager)
Status Alive
"Told ya he's an oddball. Let's get outta here."
―Brad Wilson[src]

Brad Wilson was a childhood bully of Clark Kent's when he was growing up in Smallville.



Brad Wilson was a typical jock at Smallville High School who often picked on Clark Kent. He was a star player in the college football team and was the boyfriend of cheerleader Lana Lang, whom Clark also had affection for.

Superman IIIEdit

Years after breaking up with her, Brad, working as an alcoholic security guard, unsuccessfully attempted on many occasions to gain the affection of Lana after she became a single mother. Brad later observed Clark giving Lana a diamond ring which he, as Superman, made from a hard-pressed lump of coal. He believed this to mean that Clark was making a proposal of marriage to Lana and became incredibly envious.

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