Brad Wilson
Brad Wilson
Real Name Brad Wilson
Gender Male
Movie Superman
Superman III
Portrayed by Gavan O'Herlihy
Brad Flock (teenager)
Status Alive
"Told ya he's an oddball. Let's get outta here."
―Brad Wilson[src]

Brad Wilson was a childhood bully of Clark Kent's when he was growing up in Smallville.



Brad Wilson was a star player on the football team for Smallville High School. He and his teammates often ridiculed Clark Kent, who was the coach's manager and responsible for equipment. Brad also dated a cheerleader named Lana Lang, whom Clark also held a candle for.

Superman IIIEdit

The adult lives of both Lana and Brad had been far different from the prestigious status they enjoyed in high school. Their relationship had also ended, with Lana marrying (and later divorcing) another man, and being left a single mother to a boy named Ricky, and had a hard time getting a job in Smallville. Brad had found employment as a security guard in a Smallville company called Wheat King, which was a subsidiary of Webscoe Industries. Brad did not particularly excel at his job, having been plagued by alcoholism, which was a vulnerability exploited by Gus Gorman, who had been ordered to hack into an American satellite's guidance system.