The Kryptonian Council (also known as the Science Council; originally Imperial Council) is the governing body on the planetKrypton, and later on New Krypton. It was housed in Kandor prior to that city's abduction by Brainiac, and since then a new council was formed in Kryptonopolis.

Known Members Edit

Pre-Abduction of Kandor Edit

  • Jul-Us
  • Jor-El
  • Mauro-Ji
  • Cera-Si
  • Pol-Ev
  • Kor-Te
  • Silber-Za
  • Al-An
  • Bary-On
  • Sor-Ay
  • Rul-Ar
  • Jun-Do

New Council, in Kryptonopolis Edit

  • Superman Prime (Council Head in the future)
  • Rozan (Council Head)
  • Tyr-Us (Council Head)
  • Zor-El
  • No-Ton
  • Or-Om
  • Korth-Or
  • Gal-Eth
  • Gil-Ex

The Council on New Krypton Edit

  • Trey (Council Head)