David Warfield
Real Name David Warfield
Gender Male
Movie Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
Portrayed by Sam Wanamaker
Status Alive

David Warfield is a media mogul and tabloid publisher who attempted to fully buy the Daily Planet in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. He is aided by his daughter Lacy.


David Warfield is a well known, sleazy, tabloid tycoon. He purchased the Daily Planet and personally took over its operation, vowing to make it more profitable and exploitative. He did this with the aid of his daughter Lacy. The Warfield's claimed exaggerated headlines would sell a lot more newspapers.

In response to this, Lois Lane announced she must quickly leave in order to catch a plane to report on the Ministers' Conference in Paris, but The Warfield's cancelled her trip deeming it irrelevant. Later, Warfield told Lacy to let Lois quit her job, and also recommended firing the mostly-absent Clark Kent.

Eventually, Perry White announced to Warfield that he had convinced the city's bankers to secure a loan, with which he had now attained a majority share of the newspaper - to protect it from "predators." Warfield's sign was removed from the front of the Daily Planet building. Leaving Warfield only a minority shareholder, Perry had taken over the operation, with new headlines for the re-established paper: "WE'RE BACK!".


The character of Warfield might have been based on Morgan Edge and/or Rupert Murdoch.