Gene Hackman
Gene Hackman
Birth Name Eugene Allen Hackman
Birth Date 30 January, 1930
Location San Bernardino, California, USA
Portrays Lex Luthor

Gene Hackman is an Academy Award winning American actor. He portrayed Lex Luthor in the Superman Anthology.

Along with Margot Kidder, Hackman was appalled at the way Alexander Salkind and Ilya Salkind had treated director Richard Donner, who had directed Superman and most of Superman II back-to-back before he was fired by the Salkinds over creative differences. Hackman, who said he only did the first two movies because of Donner's persuasion, was so angry with the Salkinds that he vehemently refused to reprise the role of Lex Luthor in Superman III, while Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane, only appeared in a cameo role. Hackman was later persuaded to reprise Luthor in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, which was not produced by the Salkinds.

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