Lacy Warfield
Lacy Warfield
Real Name Lacy Warfield
Gender Female
Movie Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
Portrayed by Mariel Hemingway
Status Alive

Lacy Warfield is the daughter of a tycoon who took over the Daily Planet. She falls in love with Clark Kent and is the object of affection by the Nuclear Man. Unlike her Father, Lacy seemed to be a nice person underneath and was one of the few women who was more interested romantically in Clark Kent as opposed to Superman.


Superman IV: The Quest for PeaceEdit

Lacy Warfield was the editor of Warfield Publications, which the Daily Planet became subsidiary to for a time after her father, David, bought the paper's company and changed its format to a tabloid-style mudracket paper. During her time as the editor, she has been making advances on Clark Kent despite Lois Lane's warnings to her that Clark was "the world's oldest Boy Scout".

Lacy would later become a victim of the Nuclear Man as he pursued her and inexplicably flew her into outer space, barely surviving as Superman caused an eclipse that shut down his powers, immobilizing him. Lacy along with her father were removed from their positions after Perry White bought out the remaining controlling stocks of the Daily Planet, thus restoring editorial control back to himself.

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