Lenny Luthor
Real Name Leonard Luthor
Gender Male
Movie Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
Portrayed by Jon Cryer
Status Alive

Lenny Luthor is the nephew, and often folly, of evil genius Lex Luthor.


Superman IV: The Quest For PeaceEdit

While his uncle, Lex Luthor is busy working with a chain gang breaking rocks, Lenny drives along in a convertible, with loudspeakers blasting out Jerry Lee Lewis' song "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On". He tells the police guards that he got lost driving down the road, and then invites them to check out the car's sound system. After they enter, Lenny uses a remote control to trap the guards in the car and to drive it off a cliff, giving him time to free Lex from his bonds. Lex compliments Lenny for his work on helping him escape despite considering him to be the Dutch elm disease of the Luthor family tree.

Lex takes Lenny to visit a museum in Metropolis where they steal a single strand of Superman's hair being used to hold up a very heavy metallic ball to show how strong it is. While Lenny jokingly says that his uncle wants to make a toupee that flies, Lex says that the strand of hair contains enough of Superman's DNA for him to create a super powered being he can control for the purpose of destroying Superman.

After Lex's Nuclear Man was defeated, Superman brought Lenny to a nearby boys school where its presiding pastor promised that he would watch over Lenny and give him a more moral upbringing.

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