Tom Mankiewicz
Tom Mankiewicz
Birth Name Thomas Frank Mankiewicz
Birth Date 1 June, 1942
Death Date 31 July, 2010
Location Los Angeles, California, USA
Wrote Superman
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut

Tom Mankiewicz is an American film writer, director and film producer.


Two years before its release, director Richard Donner, dissatisfied with the campy script written by Thomas & Leslie Newman and Mario Puzo, brought in Mankiewicz do a complete overhaul in terms of length, dialogue and tone. According to Mankiewicz, "not a word from the Puzo script was used". Mankiewicz reduced the script from about 550 pages to less than 110 pages for the film. Also, he conceived that each Kryptonian family wear a crest resembling a different letter, justifying the 'S' on Superman's costume. The Writers Guild of America refused to credit Mankiewicz for his rewrites, so Donner gave him a creative consultant credit, much to the annoyance of the Guild. The Guild had argued that Mankiewicz hadn't used its arbitration process.

Later, Mankiewicz reunited with Richard Donner to reconstruct his version of Superman II, restoring all of the original footage he had shot which had been altered or replaced by the producers. Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut was released in 2006, and won the Saturn Award as the best DVD of the year.

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